Deanna Harrington Christiansen writes poetry and essays, and has contributed writing to dramas, narrations, and prayer and worship on both coasts. Recurring central themes for her are Christian spiritual formation, and thereby living fully; contemplative prayer; and learning to discern God’s presence and movement in herself, others, in creation, in life.  After writing prose since childhood, she experienced the sudden appearance of poetry in 1986, mysteriously following the impact of the shuttle “Challenger” loss. She also does freelance proofreading and editing.  Since 2013, she is a cancer survivor. Read more...


We resemble God in some ways—

as He created us in His image—

even before we acknowledge Him

Deanna's Writings...

PlantingsIn Poetry, Essay and Song

Our God-imprinted hearts conceive of hope even in uprootings, in seeming failures-to-thrive, even in the face of death, and can come to perceive life events as God-directed shifts in our path-- and so we plant, and water, and tend.


We re-create.

Returned to New England after nearly a lifetime away,  and now amazingly married to her First Love, John, the author is provided with a profound sense of home, and place, and a growing sense of the hidden, a wealth of sights and experiences for reflection on both joys and striving, seasons of personal plantings and harvesting, the mysteries of growth and love--and all the gifts of a Generous God.


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