Living at the Entrance to Eternity

I am living at the entrance to eternity— In my tent with me A water jug, a lantern, blanket, bread, Prayer, abiding.   I had seen my brother, all white, Go in, the door opened By two unspeaking, misty personages. No fanfare, just A sacred stepping in to the light And the hushed closing of

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An Interview with Bartimaeus

Good morning, this is your cross-millennial correspondent, Deanna Christiansen, coming to you from New Hampshire, and simultaneously from across 2,000 years, give or take, from ancient Jericho, just following the resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. This morning we have the unprecedented opportunity to converse with Bartimaeus, once blind, healed, as you will remember, by

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…Solitary snowflakes wander over
Mariupol bombed waterless…

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Dear Heart,

“So a year ago when you developed a limp, I thought of how very long you had been working to keep me alive, and I gave thanks for you.”

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The York, Maine Haiku

August 5th Anniversary of our reacquainting   Sea, sky, air white-grey At eventide, all at once, Ruffled clouds like seafoam   Agamenticus:* Hilly place, York, Maine River Heron unmoving   Adirondack chairs Lined up like ancient gravestones But no residents   Five white boats, one blue, Slowly shift in moving tides Moored by rainy skies

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