The Covering of Christmas

Nativity in Snow
Nativity in Snow

The Covering of Christmas
“…that we who are wearied by the changes and chances of this life, may rest in Your eternal changelessness.” ~Compline, Book of Common Prayer


Longing for deep health,
–seeking in quiet, despising not the day of small things–

I stop in to the stable, nesting somewhat into the hay, and stay
To watch God work.
There will be for me, accompanying this Infant on,
Further mysterious exiles, departures,
But for these days I will shelter in place
From acquisitive bombardments,
Receiving his silent gifts for the way, under
The covering of Christmas.

C Deanna Harrington Christiansen 2017  All Rights Reserved



From “Plantings”, by Deanna Christiansen

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2 thoughts on “The Covering of Christmas”

  1. I once had a little french friend who said,” Things are not the same they look”” Spoken with her soft french accent. To have vision for the things unseen is a gift from the Lord. To know that the unseen is more real than what is visible is a gift from the Lord. To draw from the unseen to what can be seen is the honor of the believer.

    Christ over you.

    Love to the brethren,


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