Gentle Grace

Gentle Grace

I told God I wished I’d see

The Christmas lights all year,

A silly thing, I know.

God glittered sun on snow.


I confessed I missed Advent’s

Anticipation, now fulfilled

–I felt a bit forlorn.

The Word smiled, I’m not done.


I prayed God that I’d keep hope

Though sometimes hours are weary—

I worried I would chafe.

God whispered, You are safe.


Deanna Harrington Christiansen

2018 ~ All Rights Reserved

5 thoughts on “Gentle Grace”

  1. Beautiful poem, Dea!
    I concur with the second sentence of John’s comment. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing and for occasional “glimpses” into your soul.

  2. You just keep on hitting us in the face with GRACE! So many lovely mind pictures and reminders packed into so few words. Thank you Deanna! xoxo

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