As if He were Sovereign…


This past Spring, for the first time in years I took part in a Women’s Retreat~ a most welcome thoughtful time, and a weekend to make some welcome acquaintance with a few more women. (After a decade in New Hampshire, my circle of friends remains sparsely occupied.)

One concentrated study time was on verses 21 through 31 of Isaiah 40 . Seeking the Lord’s illumination into some change He might be asking of me as a consequence of my having listened to Him, prompted by the Retreat teacher, my heart responded to verse 31.

Just today, months after the end of the Retreat, my eye fell anew on my notes on confirming practices~~ and moved my heart to note those reflections down here.



As the Lord is Sovereign, live every day in His Sovereignty ~

Honor with patience the season of life I am now in, while praying for wholeness

~Wait in prayer, work in prayer, rest in prayer, love in prayer, trust God in prayer, serve in prayer


Reflections on Isaiah 40:31 from The Commons Church Women’s Spring Retreat, 2017

4 thoughts on “As if He were Sovereign…”

  1. Love that passage and your reflection on that passage. God is good, loving, wise, compassionate, gracious and so we can trust, I can “honor with patience the season of life I am now in”. THANKS.

  2. My favorite part of verse 31 — soaring on eagles wings! My life long love affair with flight! Living in this season of my life would be very hard on my own but not with His help. Though I sometimes rail at my slowing, painful body, He has a way of turning my mind to try something new or different and therefore, adjust to my ’90th’ season. Your reflections mirror my dependence on prayer for the rest, direction, strength and trust i need as I wait for His invitation to go home. Meanwhile He manages to give me reason to be content here. Thank you Deanna — you always manage to ‘hit the nail on the head’.

  3. Ginger Carbaugh

    Deanna. Thank u for sharing. U inspire me. His Majesty is well pleased with ur kindness and humility. I praise Him daily for blessing me in knowing u.

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